Monthly Archives: December 2007

MozillaBuild 1.2rc2

Thanks to everyone that helped test MozillaBuild 1.2rc1. A bug with cvs was found that makes cvs checkouts, checkins, and maybe other things fail in weird ways. RC1 was the first MozillaBuild to use cvs 1.11.22, for rc2 we’ve switched back to just plain 1.11. We’ve also added a couple of small enhancements. Notably, the font issue with ClearType/widescreens has been fixed. For a more complete list of what’s in rc2 checkout the dependent bugs in bug 406085.

I should note that you must run start-msys*.bat “as administrator” on Vista.

Hopefully this next part will be unnecessary but if you *do* find any bugs please file them in

MozillaBuild 1.2rc1

While working on release automation it was discovered that the ssh version that ships with MozillaBuild 1.1 is archaic. This has bitten us in a few places (try server, stage migration, for example).. I managed to upgrade SSH on MozillaBuild 1.1 without too much trouble and ended up putting together a MozillaBuild patch for it.

Ted asked me to setup a MozillaBuild build environment. “How hard could that be”, I thought to myself. I ended up spending 3 days getting a VM/build environment setup (someone should really make some sort of installer that sets up an MSYS build environment for you…MSYSBuild, maybe? ;-). Ted and I both spent additional time fighting with DLL rebasing. (I have to admit though, I don’t understand DLL rebasing at all, even after it was explained to me.

Ted eventually found a solution for this, and now, there is a MozillaBuild 1.2rc1. Anybody who can help us test will be greatly rewarded (with a new MozillaBuild sometime soon ;)!