Monthly Archives: January 2008

Try Server Updates

There’s been some small but important updates to the Try Server the past week. Here’s a list!:

Linux Reference Platform RC2

Thanks to those people that downloaded and RC1 of the Linux ref platform. There was one small bug found (the wrong GCC version is used), so I’ve spun an RC2. As before you can find it on

In much more exciting news, Chris Tyler made available a KVM image of the ref platform. An image should be available on very soon, but for now here’s instructions on how to convert the VMware image to KVM format.

There was a request to host a torrent of this image in my last post. Due to the infrequency of these releases, relatively low interest, and the fact that we don’t have any existing infrastructure for hosting torrents I’ve decided against doing this.

As before, any bugs found should be reported in :: Build & Release.

Happy building!

Stuck on Build

As was announced at the Weekly Meeting yesterday my permanent, full-time position is now in Build.

I’m pretty excited by this move. The first thing I did for Mozilla was write a couple of Buildbot plugins. I’ve mostly been doing Build work since then, first as schoolwork, then as a contractor, and now as an employee. When I got hired for QA I was happy with the change, and enjoyed all of the work I did there (despite Talos causing me sadfaces at times).

I spent the greater part of November and December on loan to Build while they were short-handed. When I was given the opportunity to have a full-time Build position it took some consideration but I did realize that I preferred the work here. (There’s been some jokes about me having masochistic tendencies…..given our build system it’s hard to argue with that!)

In the next few months I’ll likely be focusing on (but not limited to): trunk release automation polish, try server Talos, nagios for the Build network, and various Buildbot related things. I feel like the de-facto owner for the Linux Reference Platform, so I will be taking care of that. (Although, I don’t expect another release anytime soon.) And along with Ted, I will be taking care of MozillaBuild. I’m sure people will find other things for me to do, too ;-).

Downloadable Linux Build Environment

Hot on the heels of MozillaBuild 1.2, RC1 of the Build Team’s Linux Reference Platform is available in the form of a VMware Image. It should work (read: has been tested with) VMware Workstation 6, Fusion, and Player. With this image you should be able to boot it up and download/compile Mozilla without any further configuration.

This image is what most of our Linux Trunk/1.9 Tinderboxen run on. It is essentially the “Linux CentOS 5.0″ platform + “Buildbot Linux” platform. (Those pages are messy currently, and should be cleaned up soon.) Default usernames and passwords can be found here.

You can download the image from here (warning! 1.1GB). Please file any bugs in :: Build & Release and cc me (:bhearsum).

Thanks to Preed for originally creating the reference platform.