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ABC meme

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b –
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h –
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j –
k – (WTF?)
l –
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p –
q – http://qm-rhel02:2006/
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u – (vmware ESX web UI)
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Firefox 3.1 Branching Schedule

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Hi All,

To follow-up on my post yesterday, here’s then when and how of branching:
* Tag mozilla-central and l10n repositories with GECKO_1_9_1_BASE so we know where we branched going forward
* File IT bugs to have mozilla-central, l10n repositories cloned and a Firefox 3.1 Tinderbox created.
* While this is happening RelEng will do as much setup of infrastructure as possible.
* Once the clones are finished we will do some tests in our staging environment.
* When were satisfied with those results we will start push those infrastructure changes to production.

ETA on being fully up and running (that is to say: parity with mozilla-central) is early in the PST day Monday, November 24th. We do expect to have infrastructure up this week but some baking time, especially for Talos, is important.

Other important information:
* mozilla-central will NOT be used for trunk development until after we tag for Firefox 3.1b2. Once that happens we will bump mozilla-central versions to 1.9.2a1pre/3.2a1pre.
* The new mozilla-1.9.1 repository will be rebranded to Shiretoko to avoid confusion is the tracking bug for branching, for those interested in tracking the blow-by-blow.