mozilla/tools/buildbotcustom and mozilla/tools/buildbot moving to Mercurial

The time has finally come for these two CVS modules to get a better home. Here's what I'm proposing:

  1. Early next week I will import these modules (with history) into and
  2. On Friday, January 30th, 2009 I will delete mozilla/tools/buildbot and mozilla/tools/buildbotcustom from CVS and put in READMEs pointing to their new homes. I don't believe there is any reason to keep them around once the new repositories are live. They will only serve to cause confusion.

Moving these will be a change for the better, I believe. It will let us import new versions of Buildbot without the hassle of CVS and in the case of buildbotcustom, let others work on it more easily.

If anyone has objections to this plan please respond to this post. If I don't hear anything by Tuesday, January 27th I will proceed with this.

Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 01/19/2009 - 5am - 7am PST

During this time we will be landing the patches listed on this page:

One of these requires a full Buildbot master restart - so expect some spurious burning. We'll do our best to minimize it and get things green ASAP.

If there is any reason why we shouldn't go ahead with this please e-mail

Happy DWARF Day!

Today is a great day. bug 421534 has landed (thanks Ted!). From here on in Mac symbols will be generated in DWARF format rather than stabs. This may sound pretty lame and unworthy of a blog post, but our Mac build machines sure are happy about it. Due to a bug in Xcode 3.0/3.1 building Mozilla results in a GCC crash when passing '-gstabs'. The fix? Pass '--save-temps'. Why's that so bad, you may ask? Well, when you save all temporary files from a Mozilla build it adds up to quite a bit (20GB for a universal build). There's also a possibility that this slows us a non-trivial amount.

Disk space has been getting pretty tight with all of these active codelines. Things are looking a little better going forward.

Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 12/02/2008 - 5am PST - 8am PST

Hi All,

Due to a few reasons we were unable to migrate our Buildbot master to

faster disks yesterday. Instead, we will be doing it tomorrow morning

PST. We will be closing all trees at 5am tomorrow to shut down and

migrate this machine. We expect it to take a couple of hours to complete.

This affects the following trees:

  • Firefox

  • Firefox3.0

  • Firefox3.1

  • Ben

ABC meme

a -

b -

c -

d -

e -

f -

g -

h -

i -

j -

k - (WTF?)

l -

m -

n -

o -

p -

q - http://qm-rhel02:2006/

r -

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t -

u - (vmware ESX web UI)

v -

w -

x -

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Firefox 3.1 Branching Schedule

(Please direct responses to

Hi All,

To follow-up on my post yesterday, here's then when and how of branching:

  • Tag mozilla-central and l10n repositories with GECKO_1_9_1_BASE so we know where we branched going forward

  • File IT bugs to have mozilla-central, l10n repositories cloned and a Firefox 3.1 Tinderbox created.

  • While this is happening RelEng will do as much setup of infrastructure as possible.

  • Once the clones are finished we will do some tests in our staging environment.

  • When were satisfied with those results we will start push those infrastructure changes to production.

ETA on being fully up and running (that is to say: parity with mozilla-central) is early in the PST day Monday, November 24th. We do expect to have infrastructure up this week but some baking time, especially for Talos, is important.

Other important information:

  • mozilla-central will NOT be used for trunk development until after we tag for Firefox 3.1b2. Once that happens we will bump mozilla-central versions to 1.9.2a1pre/3.2a1pre.

  • The new mozilla-1.9.1 repository will be rebranded to Shiretoko to avoid confusion is the tracking bug for branching, for those interested in tracking the blow-by-blow.

Mozilla Scheduled Maintenance - 10/20/2008, 4am - 7am PDT

During this time we will be upgrading both the Firefox 3 and Firefox 3.1 Unit test Buildbots to a newer version (0.7.9). In order to avoid interrupting running builds we will be closing the tree at 4am PDT and stopping any new builds from being scheduled. Once all builds have finished we will perform the upgrade and open the tree again. Depending on the timing this could take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. The tree should be open again no later than 7am PDT.

If there is any reason why we shouldn't go ahead with this please e-mail

mozilla/tools/buildbot being upgraded to 0.7.9

Buildbot 0.7.9 was released a couple weeks ago. Today I will be importing it into our CVS tree, upgrading the aging 0.7.7 code. Before doing an import I will branch the current tip of trunk as BUILDBOT_0_7_7_BRANCH. This will let us easily checkout 0.7.7 code and if necessary, land 0.7.7 specific fixes.

Any checkouts of mozilla/tools/buildbot on HEAD will update to the new code with 'cvs up'. If you don't want this to happen you should delete your checkout and get the BUILDBOT_0_7_7_BRANCH ('cvs co -r BUILDBOT_0_7_7_BRANCH').

Here's some of the more exciting fixes and enhancements:

  • The /buildslaves page now highlights disconnected slaves, making it easier to see that information at-a-glance
  • Build properties can now be passed via a Scheduler
  • Build properties can be set with ShellCommand's through the new 'SetProperty' BuildStep


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