5 years with Mozilla

Today marks my 5 year anniversary of joining Mozilla full-time. (I was around the project for about a year prior to that, but it's easier to celebrate this :P.) So much has changed since I joined. Release Engineering has gone from a burnout position to a team of 14 people. The company as a whole has grown massively. We're shipping more products. We're moving faster. But Mozilla continues to be an amazing place to work, full of incredibly smart and awesome people.

My initial involvement with Mozilla was while I was a student at Seneca College when Rob Helmer mentored me through some Buildbot work that Mozilla was interested in. After that, I spent some time contracting with Mozilla during which I ported Talos to Linux (with guidance from Alice Nodelman) and created the initial implementation of the Try Server (with guidance from Paul Reed). As a novice programmer, being given the opportunity to work on important, high-impact work was inspiring. This is one of things that Mozilla does so so well.

Over the years I've worked on so many different things that I've long since lost track. There's always new challenges, new opportunities, and a never-ending queue of bugs. I'm looking forward to another 5 (or more likely, 35) years here. Y'all are amazing.

Lastly, it's important for me to note that Dave Humphrey was instrumental in my initial involvement with Mozilla. Without his work forming a relationship between Seneca and Mozilla I don't think I would've found my way here. I know you'll never take the credit you deserve Dave, but thank you. You've been instrumental in my and many others' careers.


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