MozillaBuild 1.2rc1

While working on release automation it was discovered that the ssh version that ships with MozillaBuild 1.1 is archaic. This has bitten us in a few places (try server, stage migration, for example).. I managed to upgrade SSH on MozillaBuild 1.1 without too much trouble and ended up putting together a MozillaBuild patch for it.

Ted asked me to setup a MozillaBuild build environment. "How hard could that be", I thought to myself. I ended up spending 3 days getting a VM/build environment setup (someone should really make some sort of installer that sets up an MSYS build environment for you...MSYSBuild, maybe? ;-). Ted and I both spent additional time fighting with DLL rebasing. (I have to admit though, I don't understand DLL rebasing at all, even after it was explained to me.

Ted eventually found a solution for this, and now, there is a MozillaBuild 1.2rc1. Anybody who can help us test will be greatly rewarded (with a new MozillaBuild sometime soon ;)!


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