Recent and upcoming Try Server changes

This morning I landed bug 486567 - which cleaned up the try server code significantly. There's still more to be done there, particularly running unittests on packaged builds once it's production counterpart lands (bug 383136). Both of these things help us keep the Try Server in sync with the rest of the world - which has always been a problem.

Looking forward a little bit, I'm looking to land a patch that enables e-mail notification for try server builds and unit tests on Tuesday. With this patch, every try submission would result in 6 e-mails to the submitter: (1 per platform/build type combination). Here's what they'll look like:


Your Try Server build (try-1c170baeac1) was successfully completed on linux. It should be available for download at

Visit to view the full logs.

Unit test:

Your Try Server unit test (try-1c170baeac1) completed with warnings on linux. It should be available for download at

Summary of unittest results:

check: 2/0

Visit to view the full logs.

(The unittest e-mails will have the full results listed, of course).

E-mail notification has been an oft requested feature so I'm really excited that this will be landing soon.


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