B2G builds with multilocale Gaia now available (attention localizers!)

As I mentioned last week, we've been working hard to get multilocale B2G builds going. This morning we flipped the switch and turned on multilocale Gaia across the board. The existing desktop and device builds on TBPL will now include a Gaia profile with Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese (zh-TW).

Additionally, we now have new desktop builds with all of the locales listed in this file available -- meaning that most people localizing B2G can now test their translations in-app. These are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows in the "localizer" packages in this directory.

A few notes:

  • Linux users who have run a B2G desktop build in the past may need to rm -rf ~/.mozilla/b2g before these new builds will function correctly.
  • Gecko is still en-US only. Expect network errors and other such things to be in en-US for now. Multilocale gecko for B2G work is being tracked in bug 817197 and the bugs that it blocks.
  • All of the desktop builds will be updated on a nightly basis. However, there are no automatic updates for them - you must download by hand whenever you want to test newer code or translations.


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