New AUS is live!

As previously announced, Nightly users of Firefox and Fennec were switched to the new update server yesterday. We've been doing manual testing, watching logs, and keeping an eye metrics since then and as far as we can tell everything is functioning as expected and users are being updated. If you are on Nightly and experience any problems updating, please stop by #releng or file a bug.

While I'm on the one making this announcement, I'm far from the only person who's worked on it. Balrog, as we've been calling internally, is the the brainchild of Nick Thomas, who made the first commit back in December 2010. The two of us have been working on it off and on since then with lots of help from numerous other people:

There's still more work to do on Balrog, but this is a huge step for us, and validates all the work we've already done on it. Expect more posts from myself and others as we continue to make progress.


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